David Kordahl


This is the personal website of David Kordahl, a writer/musician/teacher based in Tempe, Arizona. If you find “The Homing Pigeon Experience” to be a weird, pretentious name for a site that would perhaps better be called “www.davidkordahl.com,” don’t fret: David Kordahl himself (at least, when he’s not engaging in further displays of self-conscious narcissism by writing about David Kordahl in the third person) feels that way too. He wasn’t so wise a few years ago, however, when he decided to abandon his book blog for the greener pastures of WordPress and thought it would be cool to name the new enterprise after a terrible rhyme written by a certain weird, pretentious 8th grader (ahem):

People are like homing pigeons,
wondering how their lives should be—
circling back to life’s big questions,
wandering toward eternity.

Of course, this source material was not revealed in the original ABOUT section, which was supposed to increase the “mystery” by leaving it all vague. It’s not entirely clear that the included ditty clears up any of these vagaries (e.g., who’s exactly doing the poem’s “wondering,” or the “wandering,” for that matter? is it “people”? “pigeons”? a confused 8th grader?), but having once jumped site just because he didn’t like the name of his blog, David Kordahl decided to stick things out here and merely to suffer the embarrassment of a portentous title rather than making website-skipping the permanent habit of a two-year itch.

If you would like to contact David Kordahl as a writer, his e-mail address is david.kordahl [at] gmail.com. If you’re curious about contacting him as a musician, you can check out the Catalyst Duo website. If you’re a student and need to contact him as a teacher, you probably shouldn’t be on this website, so just go. Leave. Now. Once you’ve graduated, then feel free to return and David Kordahl will be more than happy to hear from you. If, after all this, you still need an increased dose of David Kordahl, you can follow him on twitter. He’s a nice enough guy, so (unless you’re a MHS student, in which case…why are you still here?) he’ll probably follow you back.


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